Meeting Assistant, business FAQ

How can I shorten the sales cycle?

Fast track your sales with immediate access to customer information, fresh from the sales meeting. Our solution allows you to lead your sales at the speed of data.

How should I coach new sales reps?

Getting everyone on the same page has never been this easy. With Meeting Assistant for Sales you can create a solid sales structure and share the best practices with your entire team.

How can I effectively manage my sales team?

Allocate your time to the activities with the highest value. Using our solution allows you to remove distraction and keep your team’s focus on customer needs and your solutions.

How should I keep my sales reps motivated?

People stay happy when they can concentrate in what they love to do. With Meeting Assistant for Sales, you remove tiresome back office work and your sales reps can focus in selling.

How to develop the sales process?

Base your sales tactics in tried and proven pitches. Our solution is designed to work hand in hand with Salesforce to give you accurate data from every sales meeting to see which pitches actually work.

Meeting Assistant in action

  • Introduced in New York Times
    Meeting Assistant is a popular app that is similar to Meetings — Notebooks for Work, but is more sophisticated. Kit Eaton – The New York Times

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