What’s new – Meeting Assistant for iPad comes loaded with new features!

We just updated Meeting Assistant, your favorite meeting productivity app, with a whole bunch of new, wonderful features.

What’s best, all these treats are now globally available, as you can download Meeting Assistant from App Store on your iPad anywhere in the world!

In this post, we’ll take a look at the cream of the crop – how the new features help you make your meetings more efficient. Our work will not stop here, so please visit our User Voice forum to vote and request for your favorite upcoming features!

D&B Business Reports – business data on the go

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This is a big deal: we have partnered up with Dun & Bradstreet to bring D&B business reports directly to your tablet. We are breaking new ground by becoming the first app to globally provide D&B World Base reports as in-app purchases.

You can now conveniently purchase a business report during a meeting – make sure you know who you are dealing with! The D&B database has the facts on more than 215 million companies, so we are pretty sure your clients, partners and prospects are in there too.

To search for reports, tap the D&B icon or the Get Data button in company details. Check out an example report and play around with the company search – can you find your own company?

D&B reports from Meeting Assistant iPadAfter you purchase a report, you will get a mobile-friendly summary to your iPad. You will also receive the full report including all details delivered instantly to your email. See the D&B data dictionary to see what is included.

Multiple calendar support
One of the most requested new features was support for multiple iPad calendars. You can now connect to one or more calendars with the Meeting Assistant app. By default, the app connects to the default calendar on your iPad.
Meeting Assistant settings

Once you connect your calendar, you can automatically see your upcoming meetings in the app. Simply select an appointment and start a meeting!

Personal details from iPad contacts
As another requested feature, Meeting Assistant can now get attendee information directly from the Contacts app on your iPad. The app uses the e-mail address to get other personal details, such as photo and name.

You can get the most out of this feature if you sync your iPad contacts with your phone, iCloud or Exchange server. This feature is included in all Meeting Assistant versions.

Customize meetings with MyAgenda
An efficient meeting needs an agenda – there’s no excuse for being unorganized!

Meeting Assistant has ready-made templates for most meeting types. If those are not enough, you can now customize your own agendas with MyAgenda. Create your own agenda and use it as a template for similar, recurring meetings!

Tap the agenda selection and select Edit with MyAgenda to customize your meeting.

MyAgenda is available as an in-app purchase ($0.99 / 0,89€) and it is included in the Subscription in-app purchase.

TIP: Did you know that you can also automatically create an agenda from a meeting invitation? Check out our FAQ for more information.

New languages, design and performance improvements…
In addition to the above, the latest version also includes the following new features:


  • New language options: German, Spanish, Finnish and Russian! To switch languages, go to General Settings and pick your preference. We think that Meeting Assistant looks really cool in different languages, let us know if you spot any room for improvement!
  • Add a new person/attendee to a meeting by tapping + in the Meeting view. TIP: You can also add attendees from your contacts or previous meetings.
  • Huge performance improvements for dragging and dropping items. Did you know that you can create general quick notes by dragging and dropping an agenda item to an empty area in the Meeting Space?
  • Visual improvements. You did not hear this from us, but there are some really exciting plans for improving this area in the future…

Whew! That’s quite a list of improvements. Get the update from App Store today!

Right now we are working on iPad Reminders. Do you think this feature should be next? Check out a video of the feature, still in beta, and let us know what you think in blog comments or our User Voice forum! Cheers!


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